new york, here i come!

im so excited for my upcoming trip to nyc! i’ll be attending the enk accessorie circuit, located @ the javitz center, representing dori csengeri. eeek! after the show’s over, i’ll be staying in nyc for another week to venture the streets of the big apple & meet up with friends i haven’t seen in a while. business & pleasure – always 🙂

although im excited for my trip, gosh, do i hate packing 😦 i actually loathe it. it takes over my life. seriously. sleepless nights of “don’t forget your contacts!” and “oops, did i remember to pack a jacket?!” makes me go crazy. and its not unique to this trip, but every.single.trip. i take, i have dreams (more like nightmares, actually) that i sleep through my alarm and awake with 15 minutes to spare before i must jet out of my apartment & make it to the airport. FML. this time, im packing light! (or so i made a pact with myself that i would) so here goes …

  1. maps! yes, i have little sense of direction, nor do i know my way around nyc yet .. will need this!
  2. fedora: just got a new one from my best girlfriends in cali for my birthday, so will be taking this with me!
  3. crazy cat lady tote: oh yes! its real. i just ordered one online (see last post) & i will be strutting this tote around with pride!
  4. dori earrings: my fave pair, thanks to my besties here in tel-aviv. perfect for nights out on the town.
  5. lip gloss: never-leave-home-without-it. seriously. i hate dry lips. and this kind’s awesome.
  6. pillow: strictly for the plane, don’t worry … 🙂
  7. sandals: love my steve madden sandals – wear them everywhere – this trip’s no different.
  8. granola bars: if you know me well, you know i always have one of these tasty treats in my bag at all times for quick energy & well, because they taste good!
  9. notebook: i’m always jotting things down, making lists of places i want to see & things i need to do, and well basically, so i can make lists of lists 🙂
  10. umbrella: its been raining a bit over the last few weeks … but crossing fingers i won’t need to use it …

have i left out anything important? i’m sure i’ll think of a few more things to add (as i always do) 🙂

do you have any trips planned this summer?

XoXo – d


ღ eye-candy-friday ღ

its that time of week for some eye candy … and im feeling extra sweet today, as i just baked over 3 dozen cupcakes for my good friend’s birthday bash. i must say, my martha stewart skills have definitely improved over the last few months! its only my second time baking cupcakes & making the icing from scratch, and with a little help from a spicy perspective, these little babies came out simply ah-ma-zing …

what’s on this week’s eye-candy-friday menu?

anais earrings

laka nail polish (#08)

raspberry lemon cupcakes

as always, a close-up of the beautiful jewelry selection for the weekend …


and of course, a close up of my baking skills (along with a wonderful helper in the kitchen, my sister!) …

seriously, one of the easiest recipes by far … i ended up coming out with more cupcakes than the recipe had intended since my cupcake holders may have been smaller than the standard, however i feel that smaller cupcakes are more fun (and easier) to eat than large-sized cupcakes. the icing came out fluffy & oh-so-tasty … i suggest maybe making 1/2 the amount the recipe said for the icing, as i had a ton extra leftover icing since i didn’t overkill the cupcakes with it, but if you love to load it on, then don’t change a thing! 🙂

XoXo – d