spending the day in old jaffa …

today was a good day 🙂

a day well spent with amazing friends, delicious food & a beautiful view of the old jaffa port.

my girlfriends and i rode our bikes down to the harbor to have a tasty seafood brunch by the water, and we were pleasantly surprised to run into insta*art ~ the 2nd instagram exhibition in israel. a free exhibit, located @ one of the old jaffa port’s hangars (warehouses), runs from june 6-20. the insta*art event is put on by timeout israel & makes for a fun day with complimentary entertainment. instagram has gotten to be so big over the last few months, and how exciting to see a mix of photos from around the country, exhibited all in one venue.

more than 300 photographers participated in this event, taking part in 3 main themes: urban TLV, food porn and moments. obviously, food porn was my fave. c’mon, admit its fun to drool over other people’s photos of food they have just made or are about to eat. using my very own instagram & my new fave collage app, pic collage, here’s a taste of what’s to come …

check out the slideshow below for your virtual tour of insta*art through my eyes, and then a few from our beautiful afternoon at the port & our fabulous seafood brunch. enjoy!

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have a great weekend!

XoXo – dorine


full moon in june â™„

if you know me by now, you now how much i love full moons. there’s just something about the night that makes it so magical, yet eery, all at the same time. tonight was definitely one of those nights. met up with a good girlfriend tonight for some delicious, ice-cold coffee @ our local cafe hangout, jeremiah. its always fun to catch up with a good friend on a hot summer eve and just chat about life 🙂

this photo was taken with my iphone & newly discovered instagram app from my apartment window. yes, against all convincing to download, i finally caved in and joined the “insta”-lovers club.

later … went and met up with my amazing sister (whom just returned from a quick vaca to barcelona) who spoiled me with some fun spanish gifts! {love her!} yes, we’re talking good-old fashioned, authentic orchata drink, spanish chocolate, spanish tortillas (for the mexican-foodie inside of me) and amazing perfume from Zara (not shown in pic) to add to my extensive collection. its awesome to have a sister that only traveled for a few days yet managed to bring me back so many goodies 🙂 the perfume will last a few months, but most certain the tortillas, chocolate and orchata will be gone by the weekend (maybe sooner?) …

who do you buy goodies for when you travel abroad?

XoXo – d

my first 10K

i have been running for years, but never have gone that “extra mile” and signed up for a 10k. until … i came to tel-aviv! i usually run between 6-7 km at a time, at my own pace, under an air-conditioned space, known as my gym.

i joined my local gym – kolnoa peer – last year, and it has been life-changing. lets just say, no more running @ the park, practically melting away from the tel-aviv humidity, getting heavy whiffs of smoke from chain-smokers {yuck}, mouth-watering food smells from bbq pits {its bad to be tempted by burgers & hot dogs while you run} and moms-with-toddler-strollers in groups of 20+. i love having a big industrial fan & AC blowing cool air on me to avoid from overheating.

so a few months ago, my good friend dana signed up for the tel-aviv gillette marathon (the 10k part, of course!) for friday, march 30th, and convinced me to do the same. what would i have to lose? my legs maybe, temporarily … but i knew i had to do it. after all, i did list running a 10k on my new year’s resolutions list, so “now or never!” was the driving force.

a few photos below from our big day for your amusement 🙂

posing for the camera, though i was definitely hyperventilating from nervousness. dana was pretty amused by my behavior (not to mention i drove her crazy all week, asking 101 questions about how to prepare for a 10k). how much do i eat before? what if i get a muscle cramp while running? to run with sunglasses, or without?! (i opted for “without”, fyi). the poor girl vouched to never run with me again! though i did pull through in the end and neither of us stopped for a breath of air … we made it in 1 hour, 4 minutes! and yes, we did yell out “yalla’ balagan!” at every kilometer (a tradition of dana’s since she has ran the 10k a few times prior).

glowing with happiness post-10k-completion! i was ready for another few kilometers … 🙂

yes, this breakfast was as amazing as it looked! a breakfast of champions from one of our favorite cafes in neve tzedek: taza de’ oro.

have you ever ran a 10k? what was your first experience like?

XoXo – d

happy 3rd aliyanniversary to me!

today marks my 3 years in israel … what a journey it has been! time does fly by when you’re having fun, but there are many curves in the road along the way that i overcame first before the “fun” part began …

when i first arrived to israel feb. 25, 2009, i was rather reluctant to the new life that was ahead of me, ready to be lived. i missed my friends, i missed my life back in california, and all around, i was scared sh%tless of “change.” being the taurus-bull that i am, “change” is not a very liked-word in our vocabulary.  the world of the unknown is just as exciting as it is terrifying; i told myself, failure is not an option. i must learn to acclimate to my new home & make the most out of my new surroundings.

it took some dear time before the real fun began: from finding a (decent) apartment, a satisfying job, meeting new friends, and simply being able to call israel “home,” took some time … but it finally has happened.

i am so happy to say that i am in a really good place in my life right now! i am so thankful for all the amazing opportunities and people that have entered my life & look forward to many more memories ahead.

cheers to 2012!