full moon in june ♥

if you know me by now, you now how much i love full moons. there’s just something about the night that makes it so magical, yet eery, all at the same time. tonight was definitely one of those nights. met up with a good girlfriend tonight for some delicious, ice-cold coffee @ our local cafe hangout, jeremiah. its always fun to catch up with a good friend on a hot summer eve and just chat about life 🙂

this photo was taken with my iphone & newly discovered instagram app from my apartment window. yes, against all convincing to download, i finally caved in and joined the “insta”-lovers club.

later … went and met up with my amazing sister (whom just returned from a quick vaca to barcelona) who spoiled me with some fun spanish gifts! {love her!} yes, we’re talking good-old fashioned, authentic orchata drink, spanish chocolate, spanish tortillas (for the mexican-foodie inside of me) and amazing perfume from Zara (not shown in pic) to add to my extensive collection. its awesome to have a sister that only traveled for a few days yet managed to bring me back so many goodies 🙂 the perfume will last a few months, but most certain the tortillas, chocolate and orchata will be gone by the weekend (maybe sooner?) …

who do you buy goodies for when you travel abroad?

XoXo – d


8 thoughts on “full moon in june ♥

  1. Love your blog bebe!!!!!!!! Wait, Shirley went to Barcelona?! Whaaaaat. And every time I see a full moon I think of you!! 🙂

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