ღ eye-candy-friday ღ

as (some of) you may know, i work for dori csengeri, an israeli designer of haute couture, hand-embroidered jewelry. besides loving my job, a huge perk is getting to “play” with jewelry … and by play, i mean take home for the weekend & strut my “Dori” jewels around town! i may not be 12 years old anymore, but i will still vouch that playing with jewelry never gets old 🙂

eye-candy-friday is a series of posts that intertwines items that are sweet to the eye, and sweeter to the sweet tooth!

what’s on this week’s eye-candy-friday menu?

ragtime earrings

revlon nail polish (#120, Hushed Blush)

mr. kipling battenberg cakes

yes, i know you want a closer look @ those ragtime ear clips … they are divine. they will go well with just about anything i plan on wearing this weekend. you may be wondering, “why ear clips?” many of dori’s earrings are actually made with ear clips .. they can always be exchanged for ear posts for pierced ears (upon request), but i have learned to really appreciate clips because i can position them on my ear the way i like .. especially with bigger earrings, having ear clips instead of posts or ear wires, doesn’t weigh down the ear lobe.

(if you’ve never heard of mr. kipling’s cakes, a british delicassy, you’d be sorry you did now … they are addicting! these checkered-sponge cakes tastes a lot like marzipan! the sponge cake has rich apricot jam that is wrapped up in a soft almond-flavored paste. #yum! don’t tell me i didn’t warn ya’! my parents just brought me back some from their trip to london … i may send them back to buy me a few more boxes of these tasty treats) 🙂

do you have a favorite british delicassy?

XoXo – d