my first 10K

i have been running for years, but never have gone that “extra mile” and signed up for a 10k. until … i came to tel-aviv! i usually run between 6-7 km at a time, at my own pace, under an air-conditioned space, known as my gym.

i joined my local gym – kolnoa peer – last year, and it has been life-changing. lets just say, no more running @ the park, practically melting away from the tel-aviv humidity, getting heavy whiffs of smoke from chain-smokers {yuck}, mouth-watering food smells from bbq pits {its bad to be tempted by burgers & hot dogs while you run} and moms-with-toddler-strollers in groups of 20+. i love having a big industrial fan & AC blowing cool air on me to avoid from overheating.

so a few months ago, my good friend dana signed up for the tel-aviv gillette marathon (the 10k part, of course!) for friday, march 30th, and convinced me to do the same. what would i have to lose? my legs maybe, temporarily … but i knew i had to do it. after all, i did list running a 10k on my new year’s resolutions list, so “now or never!” was the driving force.

a few photos below from our big day for your amusement 🙂

posing for the camera, though i was definitely hyperventilating from nervousness. dana was pretty amused by my behavior (not to mention i drove her crazy all week, asking 101 questions about how to prepare for a 10k). how much do i eat before? what if i get a muscle cramp while running? to run with sunglasses, or without?! (i opted for “without”, fyi). the poor girl vouched to never run with me again! though i did pull through in the end and neither of us stopped for a breath of air … we made it in 1 hour, 4 minutes! and yes, we did yell out “yalla’ balagan!” at every kilometer (a tradition of dana’s since she has ran the 10k a few times prior).

glowing with happiness post-10k-completion! i was ready for another few kilometers … 🙂

yes, this breakfast was as amazing as it looked! a breakfast of champions from one of our favorite cafes in neve tzedek: taza de’ oro.

have you ever ran a 10k? what was your first experience like?

XoXo – d