happy 3rd aliyanniversary to me!

today marks my 3 years in israel … what a journey it has been! time does fly by when you’re having fun, but there are many curves in the road along the way that i overcame first before the “fun” part began …

when i first arrived to israel feb. 25, 2009, i was rather reluctant to the new life that was ahead of me, ready to be lived. i missed my friends, i missed my life back in california, and all around, i was scared sh%tless of “change.” being the taurus-bull that i am, “change” is not a very liked-word in our vocabulary.  the world of the unknown is just as exciting as it is terrifying; i told myself, failure is not an option. i must learn to acclimate to my new home & make the most out of my new surroundings.

it took some dear time before the real fun began: from finding a (decent) apartment, a satisfying job, meeting new friends, and simply being able to call israel “home,” took some time … but it finally has happened.

i am so happy to say that i am in a really good place in my life right now! i am so thankful for all the amazing opportunities and people that have entered my life & look forward to many more memories ahead.

cheers to 2012!


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